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Review: Google Daydream View

Written by techgoth

The best things about the Daydream View, Google’s $79 mobile-driven virtual reality headset that comes out today, are what it isn’t: Complicated. Heavy. Expensive. Finicky. Most importantly of all, though, it’s not Cardboard. Google knows for Daydream to take off, the VR platform has to be as simple as as the assemble-it-yourself cheapo phone holster that’s brought so many people into immersive virtual worlds for the first time—just better. Much better.

Much like the Google Pixel phone that powers it, the View is almost entirely featureless. Very unlike the Pixel, though—and unlike every other VR headset out there—the View manages to look and feel cozy. The eyebox is an uninterrupted swatch of soft heathered material. When you slip it over your head, a single wide fabric strap keeps everything secure, and a padded liner lets the headset rest snugly on your face without leaving pressure marks. The liner can even be removed and hand-washed—which, seriously, you may want to consider doing every now and then. Your T-zone will thank you.