First AMD Ryzen benchmarks appear

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Last week was all about possible pricing of AMD’s new Ryzen processors, while the week before that it was all about its March release date. And now, we’ve finally gotten an idea of the new series’ performance, and it’s adding up to be one hell of a competitive chip.

The first benchmarks come via, which has managed to get hold of an internal, pre-release piece of silicon, with a disabled turbo-mode – meaning the retail version could even be faster than recorded in this current round of testing. The chip boasts a base clock of 3400MHz, meaning it’s most likely the equivalent of what will be the R7 1700X at retail, putting it more or less in the middle of the top-end R7 range, below the R7 Pro 1800 and 1800X.

Videocardz has a range of synthetic results from CPU Mark, so it’s well-worth checking out the article, but we’ll share the overall results here.

As you can see, the Ryzen chip is a shade off the faster Core i7 6850K overall, a chip that is basically its main competitor. In Sisoft testing the Ryzen chip ranks just below the even faster Core i7 7700K.

Basically, things are looking really good for AMD, especially if current pricing projections are correct.

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