Apple to release THREE handsets this year

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For the last few months, we’ve expected Apple to release both the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus this year, but new rumours suggest those models will be joined by a third, higher-end model.

According to a report from the Japanese website Mac Otakara, this new phone will be called the iPhone Edition, in the same way the higher end Apple Watch is called the Apple Watch Edition. Fast Company previously suggested the next iPhone would cost over $US1,000, and it’s possible this is the handset its source was talking about.

What’s not yet clear, is how the iPhone Edition will be different from the other two handsets. A look at the Apple Watch line-up reveals the only difference between the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition models is the use of a high-end ceramic finish, and it’s possible Apple could be bringing the same ceramic finish to the iPhone 8. For the last few years Apple has concentrated in giving consumers more choice – when it comes to colours and finishes at least – so this rumour is certainly viable.

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