Thermaltake announces Core P7 Tempered Glass Edition open PC chassis

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Thermaltake’s got a whole range of open PC chassis, and the new Core P7 Tempered Glass Edition may be the most ambitious of the lot. Not does it feature that namesake glass panel -and it’s an impressive 5mm thick, and tough, but there are two extended panels that can mount either side of the main ‘case’, either in line, or at an angle.

This equates to a range of truly ambitious build options, especially if you’re a fan of massive cooling setups, with an array of LED-lit fans, and some truly off-the-wall water-cooling loops. Not sure what we mean? Check it out…

Yeah, this is not your average case.

Like the rest the range, the P7 is built around a single panel to mount your components on, designed to be hollow for superior cable-management. The glass panel sits on four chromed risers, and the case itself can be designed on feet like a traditional case, laid flat for a test-bench configuration, or even mounted on a wall.

Both the main case and extended panels can can handle radiators up to 480mm in length. You can learn more on the product page.

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