Cooler Master goes back to the classics with the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition case

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Cooler Master’s Cosmos II was, back in the days of Atomic, one of our favourite PC cases ever. Sure, it was heavy; sure, it was expensive. But it was packed with amazing features, and room enough to swing a cat if that’s your thing.

Now, to celebrate the company’s 25th birthday in style, Cooler Master’s launched the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition.

We’re getting used to seeing tempered glass panels in PC cases, but the new Cosmos II doubles down with two tempered glass sidepanels, and they’re both elegantly curved. They swing open like doors, too, giving easy access to the roomy innards for building or upgrading. And if you already own and love a Cosmos II from the good old days, these doors will be available to buy individually, so you can give your old case a bit of modern love.

Other features include aluminium handles – which we hope are properly weight-bearing this time – and brushed aluminium panels on the front fascia. A sliding top panel reveals a fan control panel whole one on the front protects hot-swappable drive bays. Inside, an aluminium motherboard tray completes the look and feel, alongside blue LED lighting.

Here’s the full spec list:

The Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition will be available in July, for $449. 

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