Corsair finally lifts the lid on its new gaming chair, and Zeus Qi mouse concept

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When Corsair first unveiled its Corsair One PC behind closed doors at CES this year, there was one other item on show that no one was talking about – a Corsair gaming chair. They were just casually strewn about the One event, and when we asked the local Corsair rep about them we were told that it was too early to talk about.

Which is odd, because it’s just a damned chair. Regardless, Corsair’s been holding on to this for a while now, and at Computex, it’s finally lifted the veil of furniture secrecy.

The T1 Race range of chairs comes in five colours, and… well, it looks like it does what most gaming chairs do, It’s on a sturdy, five-wheeled base, features adjustable arms, and lower back and neck support. And it’ll cost you $US350 for the privilege of plonking your butt on a Corsair branded chair.

Far more interesting is a Corsair’s new ‘concept’ mouse, the Zeus Qi. We’ve loved Corsair mice since the company got into the peripherals business, and the Zeus Qi ticks a whole lot of boxes. The Zeus mouse features interchangeable magnetic grips, and connects to your PC via Bluetooth. Charging, however, is handled by the Qi mousepad, which has one or more hotspots that can charge not only your mouse, but other compatible gear, such as smartphones.

Hopefully this mouse/mousepad combo moves from concept to final product, because that’s a really neat combo.

Thank you to good old reliable Tom’s Hardware for the pic of the Zeus.

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