Reddit AMA confirms a host of iPhone 8 rumours, 7s confirmed

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Employees at Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer used as a supplier for a host of Apple products, revealed a treasure trove of iPhone 8 details on Reddit over the weekend.

Three employees at the company answered questions in an ‘Ask me Anything’ session, shedding light on some of the iPhone 8 leaks we have seen over the past few months.

According to the group, collectively using the name FoxconnInsider, Apple’s next flagship device, which they repeatedly refer to as the ‘iPhone X’, will closely follow the design leaked by iDrop News. This features an edge-to-edge screen with dramatically reduced bezels, sat within a steel frame and an all-glass covering.

iPhone 8/iPhone X will most likely resemble the middle phone: courtesy of iDropnews

They also report that initial rumours and images of a rear-facing finger print scanner were incorrect, and that an original design featuring a fingerprint scanner embedded underneath the front facing glass remains the best solution.

The insiders have suggested that Apple has faced significant issues with its fingerprint scanner, particularly when placed beneath the glass, and development on the smartphone has been delayed as a result. It is currently unclear exactly what this will translate to at release, but we’re unlikely to see any major upgrades in this area.

The AMA also confirmed that facial recognition technology and a retina scanner would feature in the iPhone’s front-facing camera.

Apple will also continue to use a Lightning port rather than the USB C featured in a number of news reports, and will feature wireless charging capabilities. The iPhone X will also come with 3GB of RAM, although details on storage remain unknown.

Surprisingly, the employees also revealed that a refreshed iPhone 7 would appear alongside the iPhone X. The iPhone 7s will have some significant differences, including an all-aluminium body instead of the glass chassis on the iPhone X, and it will lack the wireless charging capabilities.

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