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After last week’s bad news fest, let’s start this week with some good news! Despite some concerns, Wonder Woman hit cinemas last week and despite all of our concerns, it’s managed not only good reviews — with a stellar 92% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes — but some pretty excellent box-office takings. What does this mean? Well, it means a female-led, female-directed superhero movie can kick all sorts of butt, which, okay, is a thing that shouldn’t even be a news in this, 2017, but… is. It’s also renewed calls for Marvel to consider a Black Widow movie, which could give Marvel something to do besides re-booting Spiderman every five years. 


Ahem. That’s not to say that Spiderman: Homecoming isn’t looking like a fun little romp, because it is. This week we’ve got yet another trailer, featuring more previously unseen footage, with a focus, again, on the movie’s humour, and a good look at the very fancy new Spidey suit. It’s probably a good thing this one hits cinemas in less than a month because if Sony release many more trailers I’m going to start to feel like I don’t even need to see the movie. 


In other Marvel news, Chris Hemsworth is, at this point, totally committed to hamming up his Thorsona, and I, for one, approve. This week he’s taken to Instagram to play with some action-figures, throw shade at The Russo Brothers, mock Hawkeye’s costume and call Captain America an idiot. It’s not really relevant to anything — I’ll admit, calling it ‘news’ is a stretch — but it’s a nice little bit of silliness for a Friday afternoon, and who can argue with that?


Speaking of silliness, though, it looks like we might be in for a live-action television adaptation of the cult anime hit Cowboy Bebop. Which, on the good-news-bad-news-spectrum, is drifting all over the place. Let’s face it, we all love a space western — if the internet’s enduring passion for Firefly is anything to go by, at least — but do we really need this space western? In this form? In this decade? Uh


Over in a completely different part of the far-reaching universe that is television, this week HBO have announced that the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones could be some time away. The seventh season premieres next month, and while it’s only going to be seven episodes long, the final episode is going to come in at a movie-length 81 minutes, so it’s not like fans are going to be starved for plotting and scheming and dragons and murdering, in the short term — but it’s going to be a cold, frustrating wait for the series’ conclusion. 


On the other hand, those of you waiting for the third installment of the Planet of the Apes reboot don’t have very long to wait at all, with War for the Planet of the Apes due out in about a month. This week we got a new clip, which introduced a new but not at all new character. We’re not sure how and we’re not sure when, but worlds are going to collide. Be ready. 


(I would be remiss if I mentioned Planet of the Apes in any context, at all, anywhere, without linking to this. It just would be. I’m sorry. I have to. I love you, Doctor Zaius.)



A little further away but causing so, so, so much excitement already is Star Trek: Discovery, set to hit our screens in ‘the fall’ (read: Spring). This week Collider published an interview with producer Alex Kurtzman about Bryan Fuller’s departure from the project, the reasons the project was postponed, the show’s LGBT representation and the fact that every celebrity and his dog wants to do a cameo (because… duh. Of course they do. It’s Star Trek — come on…) to whet all your appetites. 


Now, I usually leave the video game content for the rest of this here fine website, but I feel like maybe the fact that a video game trailer is, for the first time, eligible for an academy award might be Friday Links territory, and that’s what happened this week. The trailer for Everything isn’t really your typical video game trailer, obviously — it’s an eleven-minute odyssey narrated by a freaking philosopher — but it just won the jury prize for animation at a Short Film Festival, which is pretty cool, and means that it could, theoretically, snag a short film nod at the Oscars, which would be very cool. 


It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had much in the way of Star Wars news — a thing I’m pretty sure won’t last, given The Last Jedi is only six months away — but this week we have not one, but two little Star Wars stories to tide you over. The first: a sneaky peeky at the brand spanking new Stormtrooper armour you’ll get to see in the Episode VIII. The second: some steel beams! To the untrained eye, those photos could be anything, but what they actually are is the internet’s latest glimpse at what will, eventually, be Disneyland’s Star Wars Land. Granted, it doesn’t look like much now, but picture it with more framing and cladding and a lick of paint and… yeah. Like I said, I’m just making time until the inevitable flood. Stay tuned. 


That said, those kinda blurry photos do segue nicely into our final item for this week, because Star Wars Land is not the only upcoming theme park vying for your money. Over in Japan, construction has started on Super Nintendo World — complete with, of course, a Mario Kart ride — and that means Universal Studios Japan has released a trailer. It’s not particularly revealing but it is very cute and that is really all you need to finish off your Friday afternoon. 


Have a most excellent weekend, folks! 


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