Cougar's latest PC chassis is… let's say unique

Written by techgoth

Welp, this case has divided the office. Some of us really like the bold looks, while… well, while I really, really do not like the whole drunk Voltron look of the thing. But hey, at least Cougar’s new Conquer case makes in impact one way or the other.

The Conquer is an open chassis design, built around a CNC-milled aluminium alloy frame. Two 5mm tempered glass panels protect the innards, while the motherboard tray sits at a rakish angle to show off your performance parts. There’s room for 360mm radiator at the top of the case, and 240mm one in the front panel.

It can fit graphics cards up 350mm in length, and has room for up to three 3.5in drives, four 2.5in drives, and seven expansion slots. It’s cooled out of the box by three 120mm LED fans, and IO is two USB3 ports, and audio ports.

We don’t have local pricing yet, but we’re figuring the unique design and tempered glass will equate to “not cheap”. 

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