Fantasy Flight Games to release generic version of its in-house RPG rules

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Fantasy Flight Games has probably becomes the most successful licensee of Star Wars games in the franchise’s history. West End had the first iteration, with its simple-but-elegant D6 system, then Wizards gave it the D20 treatment, and now FFG is delivering whole ranges of Star Wars settings using its own Narrative Dice System.

If you like that system – it’s idiosyncratic, but once you get the hang of it can be very flavoursome – you’ll be happy to know that Fantasy Flight is giving it the generic treatment, for use with any setting you can imagine.

The Genesys Core Rulebook is setting-agnostic, allowing the mechanics to be applied to everything from steampunk to modern day adventures. In fact, they’re just two of the five templates included in the core rules, but the game’s designed to work with just about any setting and campaign you can imagine.

The system itself revolves around varying kinds of dice, which between them generate difficulty, player skill, and any bonuses or negatives from the environment or equipment. The dice then deliver a range of results, including not just success and failure, but also complications and advantages – it’s up to the player and gamesmaster to interpret the final results of each role.

The Genesys Core Rulebook will be available in the last quarter of 2017. You can learn more about the new rules here.

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