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Fall Creators Update to add AI-powered antivirus

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Microsoft has revealed a slew of upgraded security features arriving as part of the upcoming Fall Creators Update, at a time of escalating malware attacks against its platforms.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), the security safeguard that acts as an early warning system for enterprise customers, will soon be able to use cloud-based capabilities and AI to identify and quarantine potential threats.

An AI-powered ATP will be able to pick up on signs that a machine may be infected, isolating the unknown malware on a computer and then quarantine it in Microsoft’s cloud-base services. This then allows Microsoft to identify what the threat is, and create a signature that can be used to identify it in the future.

By essentially taking the fingerprints of a brand new malware, this can be used to quickly identify other instances of an attack on other networks, and has the potential to significantly improve Microsoft’s process of creating security patches.

Windows Defender ATP ‘single pane of glass’ overview

Alongside these new capabilities, the update will also bring enhanced analytical capabilities for security professionals monitoring a network, as well as “single pane of glass security”, designed to allow companies to monitor security across their range of deployed devices.

Microsoft has also been developing its Windows Defender Application Guard, which is designed to stop attackers from gaining a foothold on a user’s machine from a browser, and prevent the spread of malware already on a system.

The updates are primarily aimed at enterprise customers, although Microsoft has said the Windows Defender ATP will also cover the Windows Server platform, and is working on “supporting more platforms beyond Windows”, although it did not specify which.

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