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After months and months and years and years of threats, winter is finally arriving this week, so let’s get through the pop-culure news so we can all gather our swords and armours and fiercest steely looks before it gets here, yes? Yes. 


And where’s better to begin than right there? George RR Martin, the man who dreamed up Game of Thrones, gave an interview to Time magazine this week, about his thoughts on everything from the effect of  current real-life political situation to what he thinks of the response to they way women are treated in the series to the relationship between the books and the show to when fans might be able to expect the final two books. Nobody who’s ever seen a Song of Fire and Ice book in the wild will be surprised to know that Martin does tend to go on a bit, but this interview is a must-read for fans of the TV series and books alike, and it’ll get you in the perfect mood for Monday. 


Game of Thrones not up your alley? No problem — how do you feel about Stranger Things? The creepy, nostalgia-soaked show returns in October and this week Netflix dropped not only a new poster but a teaser trailer and tagline for the upcoming second season. “Some doors can’t be closed” is vague enough that you can spend the next couple of months happily speculating on exactly what it means, but ominous enough to induce the willies. 


In the meantime, the first season of Stranger Things has picked up eighteen Emmy nominations this morning, just behind HBO’s Westworld as the most-lauded scripted series. Some of those are in rather obscure categories like “Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media Within A Scripted Program”, and some are just blatant fan-pandering — I liked Barb too but come on — but it’s still a nice total and with Westworld and The Handmaid’s Tale rounds out a trio of front-runners that I feel okay getting behind. Other notable nominations include Sense8 (yay) and Mr Robot for cinematography, American Gods for titles and visual effects, Luke Cage for stunt co-ordination and Gotham for the slightly puzzling “Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role” category. The full-list of nominations is here, but be warned: it’s a sloooog to get through. 


In other television news, nobody expected iZombie to get an Emmy nod, so the sting of snubbage is only… minor… and somewhat soothed this morning by a quick tease of what we can expect from the show in Season Four. The Season Three finale was a hell of a game-changer and even diehard fans aren’t sure that Rob Thomas and co. are up to the challenge they’ve set themselves, but we’re un-dying to see how they go. 


And finally on the small screen, a couple of trailers. First off, the official trailer for Mr Mercedes, which is the latest Stephen King work to get adapted for the screen. This one’s produced by lawyer-show guru David E. Kelley (!?) for once-phone-company AT&T (!?!?) but it does feature a pretty stellar cast and the trailer looks sufficiently frightening, so I’m curious to check it out. And secondly, something completely different from Amazon: The Tick now has an official trailer, ahead of it’s premiere next month. I have one word: Cheesy. Which is not a bad thing, so long as you don’t overdose on it. Mmmm… cheese. 


Speaking of cheese, and very-much-not-cheese — not intentionally, anyway — this week Wonder Woman surpassed Deadpool at the US box office, and Ryan Reynolds, ever the screwball, took to Instagram to offer his congratulations. D’aww. How long until Deadpool 2, exactly?


There’s more news from The Universes too. Let’s start with DC, where The Batman continues to lumber about, with it’s new director Matt Reeves confirming this week that he’s not going to be using Ben Affleck’s script for the film, choosing instead to start from scratch. This could be a good thing, of course, but all it really does it make me want to break out Sad Affleck again. Aw, poor Sad Affleck. 



Things are, as usual, going better for Marvel, with the release this week of new images from the upcoming Black Panther, which is, quite frankly, looking somewhere in the realm of ‘scorching’. I mean, can we just call 2017 a bust and move right along to 2018, so we can see this movie released now? 


Nah, 2017 hasn’t been all bad. The world might be burning but the movies have been okay, right? Spider-man Homecoming has been receiving mostly positive reviews, but Star Trek fans have been enjoying it for a whole other reason — an excellent easter-egg in the form of Kirk Thatcher from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Now I know and you know that this is just Kevin Feige having a bit of fun but really the potential canonical implications are, well, huge. Just try not to think about them too much… 


I’m closing out this week with something straight out of science-fiction and spack-bang into science-reality. This week there have been reports suggesting that teleportation could actually really be a thing with news that Chinese scientist have managed to teleport a photon from a lab in the dessert (on Earth) to a satellite orbiting some 300 miles away. Yes, it’s just a photon, but I think an appreciative Woah is definitely in order… 


And on that note, I’m teleporting myself out of here. Have a good weekend, folks! 


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