Details on three new Coffee Lake CPUs leak

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We saw a CPU-Z screenshot yesterday showing a possible engineering sample of one of Intel’s new Coffee Lake processors, and today a screenshot has appeared online which seems to suggest the specs for three different processor SKUs.

A new screenshot was revealed overnight by Guru3D that has the full specs on three new chips. Of course, there’s no mention of the providence of this pic, but it does at least look comprehensive. 

What we have is a part clocked at 3.7GHz base, with a TDP of 95 watts and a boost clock of 4GHz on four or six cores, 4.2GHz on two cores, and 4.3GHz on a single core. A second 95 watt core has base clock of 3.2GHz, and a boost of 3.4GHz for 4/6 cores, and 3.6GHz for one.

And finally, there’s a 65 watt processor with a base clock of 3.1GHZ, boosting up to 3.9GHz on 4/6 cores, 4.1GHz on dual-core, and 4.2GHz on a single core.

All are based on the LGA1151 socket.

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