New tabletop terrain Kickstarter brings a massive cathedral to your next warzone

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Though the two properties are not at all linked, it’s likely no coincidence that Raging Heros’ next Kickstarter project is about to go live. The company has made a name for itself with a range of highly detailed miniatures that are arguably inspired by, and intended for use with, the popular Warhammer 40,000 wargame rules, and now it’s about to release an ambitious terrain project that is jam-packed with retro-futuristic gothic detail.

Warstages is launching in a few days on Kickstarter, and to call it ambtious is somewhat of an understatement. Anyone who’s played any 40k knows that the company has some grand modelling skills on-side, and has seen pictures of epic Forgeworld constructions, or scratch-built cathedrals  that dwarf most mortal gaming setsup – Warstages wants to recreate that epic scale in a much more approachable manner, combining flat, 2D textures printed on modular ‘bricks’ and terrain boards.

It’s not the first time 2D art has been used in this way, but it could easily be the most successful. Raging Heroes created each texture in 3D first, so these designs really pop. 

The bricks are the basic parts – ground sections, stairs, walls, and so on – which go together to make individual stages, that can then either be built into a whole, or used as separate terrain elements.

The full Cathedral kit is an assembly of several Stages. Put them together to make the Cathedral… or nearly anything else in just a few seconds. 

This is because we have conceived each Stage in the Cathedral Kit to have a different type of architectural and gaming function: large portal, catwalk structure, wide platform, enclosing wall, etc.

And it’s big, too. The basic Cathedral kit comes with 120 inches of wall, and towers up to 30 inches high. And it’s all made out of lightweight printed cardboard.

For news of the Kickstarter, and a mess of images of the terrain in action – and while it’s perfect for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, it’s great for any tabletop game – check out the Raging Heroes site.


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