This is what AMD's Radeon RX Vega video card looks like

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We’re all waiting on some solid details of AMD’s new RX Vega video card, and while we’ve been promised one ‘soon’, all we have to go on in the meantime are these pics from a recent event in the US. Even so, AMD’s sitting tight on details, so all we have at the moment are visuals, courtesy of Guru3D.

But what visuals they are! Vega seems to be built around a single-fan cooling solution, and an aluminium-like shroud. It’s a dual-slot card – which isn’t all that surprising – and has three DisplayPort connections, and a single HDMI port. 

We’ve also gotten a peak at the RX Vega Liquid Cooled Edition, which is the same slab-like card hooked up to a 120mm radiator. 

We’re expecting more info on both Vega and Threadripper later today, so stay tuned!

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