How to find RAM speed, size and type

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Upgrading memory on your PC is a great way to get a bit more life out of your desktop or laptop computer, but before you buy any RAM it is important to know what the right type of memory is for your machine.

How to find out your RAM speed, size and type on your PC

To find out information about your computer’s memory, you can look at the settings in Windows.

Just open up the Control Panel and click on System and Security. There should be a subheading called ‘View amount of RAM and processor speed’. When you click on this option, it will show you information such as memory size, OS type, and processor model and speed.

However, this will not tell you anything about RAM speed. To get this information, you need a third-party program such as  CPUID’s CPU-Z software. Once this is installed and it has scanned your system, it can show you more information about your computer, laid out in easy-to-navigate tabs.

In the memory tab, you can find out the number of slots your computer has, what type of memory, how big the memory is and what frequency it runs at. There will also be information about memory latency and clock speed.

How to find out your RAM speed, size and type on your Mac

It is a much simpler process to find out what memory your Mac is using (compared with actually upgrading it – thanks to most Macs having the memory glued down).  The info can be found by clicking on the Apple logo, and go to ‘About This Mac’. This will display a window with the Mac’s processor’s name and speed, and the memory size, type and speed.

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