Samsung's next Gear Fit2 is a swimmer's build

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Wearable technology has gotten pretty damned efficient at tracking land-based activity. Runners have a plethora of options for the wrist, face, shoe and ears that will track their performance, but for those who wish for the carefree life of the fish, there’s little to track swimming workouts – Fitbit Flex 2 aside.

Samsung is looking to put that right if new leaks obtained by VentureBeat are to be believed – and they look pretty believable to me. The images purport to show the as-yet-unannounced Galaxy Fit2 Pro – a modest yet solid improvement to the already brilliant Galaxy Fit2.

One of the best wearables of last year will be getting some small but significant improvements – most usefully in terms of its waterproofing. While last year’s model was IP-68 certified (meaning it would survive a dunk, but that was supposed to be insurance rather than a challenge), this new enhanced edition will have 5 ATM water resistance – meaning you are encouraged to go swimming with it. Pool-based workouts will be tracked by the accompanying Speedo On app.

It’s not clear if the Fit2 Pro is designed to replace the Gear Fit2, or to complement it – the name would suggest the latter. That leaves pricing a bit of a mystery – will we see it launch at the RRP of the Gear Fit2 with a price reduction for last year’s model, or will this extra functionality come with an additional cost? We’re likely to find out very soon – Samsung’s next Unpacked event is just eight days away, after all…

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