Now you can own one of the most relatable cartoon characters of our times

Written by techgoth

Until today I didn’t know that the ever-optimistic dog in the alarmingly popular six-panel comic from webcomic gunshow. Though it’s only the first two panels that most people know. The dogs name, apparently, is Question Hound.

Who knew!?

The dog is, basically, surrounded by flames in a burning room, smiling, drinking what looks like coffee, exclaiming cheerfully that this is fine. Basically, Question Hound is all of us, wondering just how much worse things can get in this terrible year of 2017. He’s a hero of our times, willfully ignoring the skipfire of reality, and just wanting to enjoy his goddamn coffee before it all goes up smoke.

Now things are truly fine, as we can know own this piece of internet history, in plush, huggable, non-burning form. As 2017 stretches into what will no doubt be an equally harsh and bleak 2018, we can all hold on to our possibly irrational conviction that things are fine. Just… fine.

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