Benchmarks for Intel's Core i7 8700K spotted online

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Someone out there’s been playing around with a couple of unreleased Intel processors, and has thoughtfully posted some details into the SiSoft Sandra database. Hothardware spotted the new additions overnight, and they look pretty tasty.

On show was the top-of-the-line Core i7 8700K Coffee Lake (which, incidentally, is approximately the amount of coffee I needed to kickstart the working day this morning) processor, replete with six cores and 12 threads. What we see in the scores is a chip running at around 4.3GHz, and Hothardware’s run the numbers against a Core i7 7700K, showing a performance increase of between 12 and nearly 50 per cent over the previous part.

The 8400K, with just six cores and no hyperthreading compares similarly to a 7600K processor, with performance increases of between 14 and 50 per cent across SiSoft Sandra’s range of tests.

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