It's still thinking! New games for Sega Dreamcast

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It's still thinking! New games for Sega Dreamcast

Credit: The Dreamcast Junkyard

Every time somebody tries to pull the plug, some new brain activity arises.

Some time last night, we noticed talk of Flashback hitting the Dreamcast. A classic game for a classic console – cool! We thought that both were dead!

Both of these things, however, have made a habit of hanging around. Flashback has seen its share of re-releases (and a not so great remake), and it seems that everytime nostalgia spurs us to look back on the Dreamcast, something new is happening for the thing (Gunlord caught our eye in 2012, and while Pier Solar is most famous as a Mega Drive project, it also hit the DC a couple of years back).

This time around – and we’re a good month late to this story -, it seems that French publisher JoshProd has a bunch of new releases lined-up, Flashback perhaps the headliner among them. There’s also a couple of reissues, as well as some that are at the very least new-to-Dreamcast. We can’t say we’re too excited by that 4×4 racing game, but that there Neo Geo side-scroller Ganryu looks pretty cool.

It is worth mentioning that the release of Flashback is fully licensed and properly built for the console.

Sega’s final console meets it’s U.S. release anniversary tomorrow. If you’re feeling extravagant  and spendy about celebrations, you can find the DC releases (among other things) here.

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