Benchmarks for Intel's upcoming i7 8700K are online

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A youtuber has the silicon, and he’s given it some serious Cinebench treatment.

We’re not expecting Intel’s new Core i7 8700K processor until early next month, but benchmarks are already appearing – thanks to a little sneakiness at a recent HP Omen event.

Youtuber Karl Morin spotted that one of the machines was sporting the new chip, but that it wasn’t hooked up to a monitor. Showing a degree of sneakiness we can only admire, he found one himself, hooked it up, and ran Cinebench. Having snuck benchmarking software into hardware briefings ourselves, we can only applaud the young Frenchman.

The Core i7 8700K comes off with a score of 1230 in Cinebench R15 multi-threaded testing, and 196 in single-threaded operation. In multi-threads, that puts the 8700K right in the middle of the Ryzen 1600 and 1600K, and way out in front in terms of single-threaded performance – according to Guru3D, only a 7740X can do better. 

Looks like a chip to look forward to. 


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