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First looks, second seasons and yet another Thor trailer in your weekly wrap-up of pop-culture news.

Good afternoon kids! The weekend is nearly upon us so it’s time to do a quick tour of the pop-culture multi-verse and see what’s up, what’s down and what’s a little bit sideways to finish off your Friday. 

First up this week, you’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that Star Trek: Discovery is finally here! The first episode was generally wellrecieved, which is great news, with none-too-shabby ratings (although now that it’s going to CBS All-Access in the US, it’s going to be hard to see how they hold up), and so, of course, speculation is rife about a second season. Well, at the time of typing, we have no concrete news, but we do know that if a second season were to happen, it would likely not be until 2019. Booo. Although… yay! 

Still on the small screen, SyFy has released a new teaser trailer for their adaptation of Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s graphic novel Happy. For those not familiar with the source material, don’t be fooled by the name. The teaser is only a few seconds long but it makes it clear right away that this is not some sort of cheerful family sitcom. Thank the lord!

But Happy is not the only graphic novel SyFy are bringing to the screen. They’ve also ordered a pilot for Deadly Class, a coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of 80’s counter-culture. The thing to note about this one is that the Russo brothers – yes, the Avengers Russo brothers – are executive producing, which means that while this is only a pilot order, it’s one worth keeping an eye on. 

Right. Let’s move on to movie news, starting with Bladerunner 2049, which, in a sign of how fast time is flying, is out next week. This week we got thirty-five new, high-resolution images to give us an even better of what we can expect from this decades-overdue sequel. Look, if you haven’t worked up an appetite for this one by now, it’s likely you never will. Me? I’m tentatively on board with everything but Leto. Harsh, but true. 

Next cab off the blockbuster rank is Thor: Ragnarok, which is dropping in early November. Now, usually, I’d be quietly sceptical of just how many bit of promotional puff we’re getting for this movie — it feels like you can’t turn around without bumping into another trailer, or poster, or image or magazine cover or short of Hemsworth being Hemsworthy — but it’s all been doing such a good job of selling what has, until this year, been considered the hard sell of the Avengers family. On that note: here’s a new TV spot. Mostly stuff we’ve seen before, but repackaged and regraphicked and still… yeah. Fingers crossed this isn’t all leading to a huge disappointment! 

A little further down the track is Han Solo: A Star Wars Story — slated for May next year, and still without a final title. We haven’t seen a lot of this one but this week we got some set photos, thanks to new director Ron Howard, and they set quite the scene: gloomy, dusty, dark, miserable. Or, as Ron himself says, desperate and dangerous. But also: quietly exciting… 

And it looks like Han Solo’s former directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have secured their next feature directing gig, in the form of an adaptation of the upcoming novel by The Martian’s Andy Weir. The novel, Artemis, isn’t out until November, but after the success of The Martian, that hasn’t slowed Hollywood down one bit — and Lord and Miller having a nice long gap in their schedules helps too. 

In other news, we’re in the middle of a supermonster resurgence, and production of Godzilla: King of the Monsters is in full swing. This week we got our first look at the latest version of this classic monster… sort of. Well, we got a blue and kind of blurry approximation of the latest version of this classic monster, but if you squint a little, tilt your head to the right five degrees and use your imagination, you can see exactly what to expect once the CGI fairies are done with him. Amazing, right? 

Even further down the release schedule, Sony’s standalone Tom-Hardy-led Venom movie is about a year out from hitting cinemas, so details are still very sketchy about what we can expect. This week we learned that Michelle Williams — former Dawson’s Creek bad-girl turned Serious Actress — *may be* in talks to take on a big part in the project. Possibly (look, let’s face it, almost definitely) as Tom Hardy’s love interest. The studio is keeping quiet so this is all speculation at this point, but it’s a quiet week, so I’m taking what I can get. 

And finally this week, several sooner-than-expected updates on a story from last week. Not only is the new Terminator movie happening, but it already has a director — Tim Miller, happily moving on from the Deadpool franchise — and a release date of July 2019, which is a fair way away but not as far as you’d maybe expect for a project only properly announced a week ago. And yes, while it’s being dubbed Terminator 6 by some corners of the internet, it will officially ignore the last three Terminator movies and be a direct sequel to Terminator: Judgement Day, with the other three movies part of an alternative reality that doesn’t really exist — as they should be…

And that’s me done for the week. If you follow the oval-ball-sports, enjoy your prom, but don’t forget to get back here next Friday for more linky links. 


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