Lego Boost coding set launches in Australia

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Everyone loves Lego, and Lego you can learn coding from is even better!

Probably my strongest memories from childhood revolve around lego. Watching my mother struggle with the first ever Space Lego set one Xmas… spreading out my Lego Town sets over the entire loungeroom floor… destroying said Town in some giant asteroid-related disaster… the inevitable wounds from walking on left over Lego bits months after the fact.

Good times.

Modern Lego fans have all that, of course, with one added bonus. Lego has always been about learning, but recent additions to the range of let you learnt coding as well, and the new Lego Boost set, first seen at CES earlier this year, has just landed on Australian shelves. 

“For generations, children have been imagining a world where their LEGO creations come to life; now through simple coding language and LEGO BOOST they can add movement and personality to their entire LEGO collection,” said Rune Fogh, design lead for LEGO Group, in yesterday’s release.  “Any brick, any set, any idea can and will come alive when children pair LEGO BOOST with their endless imaginations.”

Lego Boost is accompanied by a free app that includes instructions and coding commands for five different builds, ranging from a robot, a robot cat (it’s an important difference), and even a guitar. It can record voice effects (I am sure parents just LOVE the idea of talking Lego), and there are over 60 other activities to help kids learn.

Here’s what’s in the set:

  • 3 BOOST Bricks:
    • Move Hub with built-in tilt sensor
    • Combination color & distance sensor
    • Interactive motor
  • 843 LEGO elements
  • Playmat, calibrated to the app, designed to facilitate mini challenges to practice simple coding trials
  • Free, downloadable app is iOS and Android tablet compatible

You will need batteries though. Lego Boost is available now for $249.99*.


* Yes, that’s Australian RRP with a 99 cent amount. We don’t get it either.

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