Happy 20th birthday PC & Tech Authority magazine!

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With our double-decade anniversary comes a fresh new look for the magazine and site!

Throughout the 20 wonderful years PC & Tech Authority has been published we’ve seen tremendous change take place. The world around us has been transformed, driven by the power of technology, and throughout it all we have passionately covered PCs and the wider world of personal tech, all for our equally enthusiastic readers.

As we move into a new decade, change moves across PC & Tech Authority. We have given both the magazine and website an overhaul, combining a fresh new look with improved functionality and content.

The new PCTA site is live now and we hope you like what you see, and the 20th anniversary edition of the magazine is now on sale around the country, or if you don’t already you can SUBSCRIBE HERE.

On the surface the new look is the big obvious thing. We love it and hope you do too. I know that when something familiar changes the initial reaction is often to recoil slightly, especially when you factor in just how many years it’s been since we last did a new design here. But this is PCTA, it’s not a radical style magazine, so the look is clean and useable and we’ve taken great care to make the main font more readable. Hope you agree!

Also new is the absence of a DVD. After all these years the time has come to switch to making the apps we offer a download instead. Optical drives are rare now. They aren’t included in most new laptops and from discussions with retailers only a tiny proportion – less than 10% – of new PCs are built with an optical drive. Whereas everyone has the internet, and now, better than ever. Mostly. I know this move may be a concern for readers where internet is poor, so we’ve made sure the servers are speedy and able to handle busy loads.

Don’t forget – our free apps aren’t crap! They’re legit full versions of genuinely useful stuff that we hope most of you get good use from. Ditching the DVD also helps us arrest ever-increasing costs. 

In terms of magazine content most things here are perfect and need no changing. Smiley face. But no, really. A-Kist and Kitlog though… they needed some love so we’ve revamped that section entirely. We carefully considered all of the products in A-List and have culled some, and added some. We have created alternatives for most categories, too, so if the main recommendation doesn’t take your fancy there is still choice. We will keep A-List updated regularly, of course.

Kitlog is also totally new. Thanks to working closely with our sister mag PC PowerPlay, and the team there’s shared enthusiasm for creating ultimate builds, we’re collaborating each issue and creating a wider ranging set of PCs. These cover basic needs through to ultimate PC power. So instead of having just two builds, we have four, with price being a driving factor with the lower-end builds. 

Whew. That’s it for now, let me know what you think, and, here’s to another 20!

Ben Mansill

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