Cooler Master unveils new MasterCase H500P

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It’s not a HAF – but it’s the next best thing.

I used one of Cooler Master’s High AirFlow cases for years, and I loved the roomy design, the generous cooling, and overall look. And while the company’s new case is not a HAF model, it’s firmly inspired by the classic range of cases.

The new MasterCase H500P calls back to the HAD series in ‘structured bar’ design, and with its two 200mm RGB fans (just once I want to write about a product WITHOUT RGB lighting) fans embedded in the front fascia. And there’s room for two more 200mm fans on the top panel – that’s a lot of airflow!

A grey-tinted, tempered glass panel makes a subtle show of your PC’s innards (and all those damn twinkly lights!). There’s a shroud for the PSU, and a panel to cover up excess cabling, to keep the interior neat. And for an additional piece of good looks, there are two verticle PCI slots at the case’s rear so you can mount your video cards so that their funky cooling can face outward too.

And if you prefer liquid cooling, there’s room 360mm radiators in the top and front panels.

The MasterCase H500P will be available in early November, and will retail in Australia for $199.

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