Are these the biggest gaming franchises in history?

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15 franchises – INCREDIBLE cultural and retail impact.

XXX of the BIGGEST GAMES EVER lists are part of the bread and butter of what we carefully and politely call ‘games journalism’. By and large, the lists are unchanging, barring the odd newcomer, or attempt to rethink entirely what makes a game great.

A new list, seemingly randomly compiled by seemingly abhorrent online gambling operation (no, I’m not even linking to them), claims to have come up with the most comprehensive of lists, and an infographic to match, compiling the 15 most successful game franchises of all time.

The evils of online gambling aside, the list is kinda cool. It combines sales figures, the number of entries in a franchise, quotes from influencers (I have NO IDEA how that’s been accurately weighted, but whatevs), and a few other data points to come up with the list.

It’s a pretty in-depth infographic – give it a click, and let us know what you think.

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