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Deadpool stuff, more Last Jedi stuff and a very, very expensive ring on this week’s pop-culture round-up.

Well folks, that’s nearly another week done in the long, slow trudge towards Christmas and the end of 2017 and, eventually, I don’t know, old age. Retirement. Hopefully. But, all-in-all, it’s been a pretty good week, really, so let’s get through this round-up and then we can all get out there and start weekending. 

Now, it’s pretty much a lock that we’ll be getting something new from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi promo team every week between now and December 14th, so let’s just get the new trailer featuring two seconds of new footage (but good seconds) and the new poster out of the way — because they are thrilling and exciting but I think we are all thrilled and excited enough at this point, aren’t we? — and focus on reports that according to Daisy Ridley, Rey has no time for porgs. As if she wasn’t already enough of a hero… 

Arguably the biggest pop-culture story this week, however, was news that Amazon Prime have paid some two hundred million dollars for the rights (just the rights, not for the actual *making*) of Lord Of The Rings and are planning a Game-Of-Thrones-esque epic series. Which presumably they will have to do on the cheap because they have no money left, I don’t know? Reaction has been mixed, with most people wondering if there’s any need to go back to middle earth given it’s not exactly like the Peter Jackson films were terrible flops, but here are some ideas for stories they could explore that haven’t all been done before… as much. 

Last week I mentioned that the Deadpool team had been very quiet of late, and obviously they heard me because this week they’ve released the first official teaser for Deadpool 2. It comes bundled up in a whole lot of strangeness which is probably not totally safe for work, depending on where you work, but, then again, it is Deadpool so that’s probably not surprising, is it? The teaser itself is only about ten seconds long (short enough to be giffed, in its entirety) but it does look quite exciting, if… pretty much what you’d expect. 

Over in the Sony corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve got word that the studio has ordered a full-length feature film starring Morbius, the Living Vampire. If you’re not sure who that is, Wikipedia has you covered, but the TL;DR version is: Vampire-likeSpider-Man villain come slight hero-ish-type. Much like Tom Hardy’s Venom, which has been in the works for a while, this is a Spider-Man spin-off but not linked to the Tom Holland-fronted Spidey films. Okay. 

Over in the DCEU, it’s all eyes on Justice League. Well, except those eyes belonging to the folks at Rotten Tomatoes, who quite notably held back the movie’s initial score this week. Rotten Tomatoes isn’t — or shouldn’t — be a be-all-and-end-all round-up of movie reviews, for several reasons, but the fact is that it’s still a shortcut for a lot of people wanting to know if a movie is good or bad in a virtual ocean of reviews that say everything and nothing. And the fact that they’re holding back a movie’s score until the release date is… probably not a good sign for the movie. But, you know, you’re all big kids who know how to google so you can find reviews yourselves. Or just go see it because it might be surprisingly not terrible (as a couple of folks have suggested to me over the past day or so)! At least it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed, right? 

In other Justice League-y news, Ben Affleck’s future in the big black suit is such a developing story that I’ve actually had to re-write this paragraph more than once today, BUT as of… about lunchtime today… Ben Affleck is still Batman but there are lots of rumours that he wants to step down and Matt Reeves, who is directing The Batman, has started throwing names out there for a replacement, and one of those names is Jake Gyllenhaal. Which might be good, I guess? I feel like a Gyllenhaal Batman would have a very different tone to an Affleck Batman — less… wooden — but I wonder how they would incorporate him into the broader Justice League universe without more re-bootery. 

Another DCEU personnel change to note this week is that producer Brett Ratner has been relieved of his duties on Wonder Woman 2. There were rumours this week that this was down to Gal Gadot refusing to do the movie if Ratner — who’s had several allegations of sexual misconduct against him — was involved, but it now looks like it was more of a team decision. A good one, too. 

In other news, the Deadwood-revival-movie-that-isn’t has a production date now, which just brings us one step closer to it being a Deadwood revival movie that is, which might just be the thing that saves us all in these dark days. 

In the meantime, we have to be content with the existence of Star Trek: Discovery, which has now gone into hiatus until 2018. Thankfully, we’ve been gifted a nice trailer for the second half of the season to tide us over. Obviously, the usual spoiler warnings apply (it’s a trailer, it will feature footage from the future, albeit wrapped up in mystery and devoid of context) but if you’re not up to date with the first half of the series, tread extra carefully. 

…And finally this week, are you still hunting for the perfect Christmas Gift for that special-but-impossible-to-buy-for person in your life? Is that somebody kind-of-geeky but kind-of-artsy and perms-attached to some sort of device with an apple logo on it? Well, if so, have we got the perfect gift for them! Yes, that’s right. Someone has made a 1:16 scale Steve Jobs figurine with MULTIPLE PAIRS OF DETATCHABLE HANDS so you can make him be thoughtful or authoritative or look like he’s trying to explain basic maths to dummies! It’s like all our christmases have come at once… except this one, because there’s no release on this guy yet and you’ve only got five weeks. Maybe next year…

Or next week. Who knows what the pop-culture merch gods will drop on us between now – it is the season, after all! Until then, have a great weekend, folks!

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