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All the pop-culture news worth being thankful for, and then some…

I know, I know. I KNOW. Thanksgiving is not a thing in Australia and even in the US it has some pretty sketchy origins that we should maybe all think about a little bit before we try too much to make it a thing here, but it *is* a thing. It’s a thing that means that everybody in the country that supplies the bulk of our pop-culture and pop-culture coverage is currently sitting on a couch with their feet up, drunk on turkey and regretting all the political conversations they let themselves get involved in. And that means they’re not in their offices making pop-culture, or writing about it, or giving and receiving news. And that… is bad for me. 

(Which is to say: Heeeeey, slow news week!)

Anyway, let’s give thanks for what we do have and go and enjoy our regular-length weekend in preparation for what is sure to be an onslaught of news for next week. 

First off, I’m giving thanks for the inevitable new Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV spot, which premiered this week. It is mostly stuff we’ve seen before, and its still exploring the whole fight-for-Rey’s-soul thing that seems to be dominating most of the promo footage at the moment, but it is still very good and tingle-inducing, because it is Star Wars and that is what Star Wars does. I’m also thankful that it features absolutely not a single frame of porg or porg-adjacent footage. This spot — released just hours ago — does feature Porgs, but it also features Chewy doing good important work, so. 

I’m also giving thanks for these six seconds of Chris Pratt and a baby dinosaur being cute on Twitter. This is the first bit of footage from the upcoming sequel to Jurassic World, and may be signalling the release of a trailer some time in the next week or so? Which is also something to be thankful for, but in the meantime: BABBY DINOSAUR OHEMGEE! (Also, leaving this playing on loop while you work makes for a strange but oddly comforting soundtrack. Hot tip.) 

Speaking of Chris Pratt, I am giving thanks for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol: 2 script, which writer/director James Gunn has put online for us for free because he cares about us, and our literacy and our mental well-being. It not only features all the stuff from the actual film, but a bunch of stuff that didn’t quite make it, so if you’ve got a few hours to kill this weekend and you like reading lots and lots of words, smash that download button. Smash it, now. 


As I have been for years, I am giving thanks for the first three seasons of Community, which really was a great little show there for a while. I am a little less thankful for everything that came after, which means I’m really not sure what to make of the news that the Community movie is still maybe a thing and might be directed by Justin Lin (of The Fast and The Furious fame). I know, I know. Six seasons and a movie! But will it be worth it? Really? Will it? 

Fans of The CW’s DC Arrowverse will be thankful for the trailer (and very existence) for next week’s huge crossover event, Crisis on Earth-X, which actually looks pretty epic, for a television event on what is generally considered the red-headed stepchild — with apologies to redheads. You’re great. — of US television networks. It also features Nazi-hating (and punching!), so I am on board. Too bad, as a commenter points out, that watching this legally in Australia requires multiple subscription TV services. Sigh. 

Another thing to be thankful for, at least in a slow news week, is idle speculation! This week it’s all centred around Joss Whedon and what is happening with his involvement with the upcoming Batgirl movie. As of right now, he’s still writing and directing and this is not even a story, but you never know what the next few months/weeks/hours will bring. 

Of course, one of the reasons for the speculation is the rather disappointing performance of Justice League, which he co-wrote and took over directing after Zac Snyder had to bow out for personal reasons just a few months ago. Now, $96 million is nothing to sneeze at but this movie was supposed to be big big big BIG and it just hasn’t been at all. It’s telling that it’s been out for all of a week and already all the talk has turned to what went wrong. Oh, and speculation about whether a Zac Snyder cut exists, and, if so, whether we can see it, probably isn’t making Old Mate Whedon feel too good either. 

Finally this week, something a little different. A new trailer for Ava DuVerney’s adaptation of classic 1963 novel A Wrinkle in Time dropped this week, and it’s very Disney but also a little bit cool, maybe? We all need nice, epic-looking non-cynical things in our lives sometimes, don’t we? Or maybe that’s just this ridiculous unAustralian holiday with dubious origins talking. Who knows? 

Have a great standard-length weekend folks, and we’ll see you back here with (hopefully) more pop-culture news next week!

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