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The stars are all here in this week’s pop-culture round-up.

Greetings, friends! It’s officially Summer and officially Friday and I officially have a whole bunch of very official news for you, so let’s not waste any more official time and get officially started, shall we? 

Our first cab off the rank this week is perhaps the biggest, definitely the loudest and contains the most superheroes that anyone has ever jammed into two minutes and twenty-four seconds of pure trailery goodness (or a cab, for that matter). Yes, that’s right: the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is here, just in time to watch over and over again all weekend! And if you do feel like watching it over and over again, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It was watched a jaw-dropping two hundred and thirty million times in it’s first twenty-four hours of release, which is an all-time record. I can’t say I’m surprised — there’s a lot in here — a lot of characters, a lot of action, a lot of, well… just a lot (including a couple of spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to get on that). Need a handy breakdown? There’s one here

Next up, we’re now two very, very short weeks away from the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and that means soon there will be much less Star Wars content in this column — at least until publicity for Solo(!) ramps up. But in the meantime, the latest instalment of everybody’s favourite movie franchise of all time is on the cover of Rolling Stone this week and you can read the story here. Also, I can report that, if Porgs were not offensive enough, some cruel, wicked people stared a twitter rumour this week about another, erm, fan favourite that might be making an appearance in The Last Jedi. It’s… a hoot. 


Cab number three is less yellow taxi and more red muscle car, with horns, and a few dents in it’s fender,and goes by the name of Hellboy. You’ve seen it cruising the neighbourhood but not for a while and now it’s had a tune-up and a reboot and its weird plastic engine cover has been replaced with something a lot less cartoony. And it’s now got an official release date of January 11, 2019. Which might seem like quite a way away but trust me: assuming civilisation lasts that long, it’ll be here quicker than you think. 

In smaller cab news, if you’re hanging out for Deadpool 2 and wondering how you’re going to fill the months until more foul-mouthed, meta-humoured super-hero action, Accident Man might just be worth a look. The trailer dropped this week and while it’s not going to be as big as anything Marvel puts out, or as broody as DC’s offerings, but it might just be a bit of fun, and that’s what we need right now, isn’t it? Fun? (Yes. It is. Send all the fun. Please.)

I don’t want to belabour this cab metaphor too much (this is the last one, I swear), but allow me to suggest that the next cab contains two of Hollywood’s hottest showrunners and it is pulling out of the rank as we speak, leaving its strange little show behind. Which is to say, this week we got news that creators and executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are leaving Starz’s American Gods adaptation over, it seems, budget concerns —  although it might be worth noting that Bryan Fuller abruptly leaving a show is not a rare phenomenon *cough* deadlikemestartrekdiscovery *cough*. Where that leaves American Gods, which got a huge amount of buzz prior to its premiere and not much since, but has been renewed for a second season, is anyone’s guess.

Another Neil Gaiman adaptation that is in seemingly better hands (in that it is in someone’s hands) is Good Omens, which Gaiman co-wrote with the late, great Terry Pratchett. This week Gaiman tweeted out a first look at John Hamm in the role of the Angel Gabriel, and yes, we like what we see, and hopefully we’ll get to see a little bit more between now and the show’s 2019 release. 

George RR Martin is another writer with several irons in the televisual fire. Game of Thrones is set to wrap up next year and former cast member Jason Moama has come out this week and declared that the final season will be the greatest thing to have happened on television ever, just in case you were not excited and impatient enough. That said, the show is notoriously spoiler-phobic, so it’s always possible it’s going to be a mundane, boring 12 hours of television where nobody dies and there aren’t even many dragons and they’ve just given Moama — who isn’t even on the show any more, guys — a bum steer to keep us off the scent. Who even knows? I wouldn’t put it past them. Those guys are devious

Either way, if 2019 feels too far away — I repeat, it’s not. Trust me — GRRM fans might be interested to learn that his 1980 novella Nightflyers will be coming to SyFy in mid-2018, which is practically tomorrow in Hollywood speak! It’s got a lot less dragons than Game of Thrones but, from the sounds of it, just as much dying, so if that’s your thing, keep your eyes peeled! 

And coming to screens even sooner is The CW’s latest superhero adaptation, Black Lightning, which looks refreshingly different from the rest of their superhero slate, based on these first images. Quite honestly, it looks refreshingly different to everything on the CW, in that it’s protagonist is actually a grown person who was not born this century. Or even in the last decade or two of last century! It’s unlikely that the teen network is finally growing up, but as a proud member of Generation X, I’m on board for them to grow up a *teeny* bit just this one time.

Speaking of grown-ups, Netflix’s Mindhunter is full of them (at least outwardly)! And in news that will surprise no-one who’s paid any attention to the show at all, it’s been renewed for a second season of creepy criminal psychology. Excellent, excellent. 

…And just like that, the rank is empty, and I’m going to bus it home on this, the first Friday of summer. Ah, sweaty… 

Have a great weekend, folks!

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