Intel reveals new Pentium Silver and Celeron CPUs

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New Gemini Lake processors are aimed at productivity and connectivity.

It’s easy to get excited by new high-end processors that can deliver blinding gaming performance, but for a lot of people improved battery life and productivity is king. Those folks will be about Intel’s newest Pentium Silver and Celeron processors.

Based on Intel’s Gemini Lake architecture, the new chips combine battery life with performance when it comes to browsing, watching media, or photo-editing. The chips also offer Gigabit Wi-Fi with 160MHz 2×2 802.11AC connectivity for faster streaming of media and web browsing.

The new processors also boast Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement, which is designed to improve image quality in daylight or high-glare environments, alongside hardware-enabled security.

The Pentium Silver processors come in N5000 for mobile and J5005 for desktop varieties, and the Celeron processors in N4100 and N4000 for mobile and J4105 and J4005 for desktop. They should start showing up in laptops, all-in-one devices, hybrid devices, and desktops in the first quarter of 2018.

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