Friday Linky Links: Poets Day

’Twas the Friday before Christmas, and all through the house…

Well, hasn’t it just been A Week. Aside from everything else, a beloved cultural institution has been ruined, irrevocably and for all time, by its creators, no-less, so much so that some people are having tantrums and swearing off it forever. And rightly so. I mean, that Survivor twist was garbage and it’s like the producers of the show don’t even understand their own creation. A pox on all their houses, I say. Fire Jeff Probst immediately, I say. Put an asterisk next to the winner of this season forever and leave the whole mess off the Survivor Wiki. It is the only way. 


Unless you are after lots and lots and lots of The Last Jedi analysis (and who doesn’t!), it’s been a quiet old week for pop-culture news, but we’ve managed to dig some up — like hidden immunity idols, but without any help from the camera operators — so let’s get (properly) started, shall we? 

First off, some shiny — and not so shiny — Netflix news. This week the streaming giant has confirmed both a second season for the time-twisty, German small-town-whodunnit(but-not) Dark, and a sequel to their biggest standalone movie blockbuster to date, the Will-Smith-helmed Bright. That is… a hell of a coincidence, Netflix, and a hell of a way to catch out writers who may be halfway on holidays already. In any case, Bright 2 probably won’t be lighting up screens until 2019 at best, while Dark is likely to cast its shadow a little sooner, but no dates are confirmed for either as yet. 

Still on the small screen, Syfy has renewed their vampire-hunting action series Van Helsing for a third season. Sure, it’s no Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but if you’re a fan of kick-ass women kicking-ass and taking names, you could do a lot worse than jumping on board. Just sayin’. 

Moving onto the big screen, both Marvel and DC have been pretty quiet this week, waiting out the holidays and hoping the Star Wars fanfare dies down, I’m guessing, but there have been a couple of rumblings coming out of a couple of mouths that might be of interest. Firstly, after all that *makes a face and points to the internet with a look of mild disgust* will-he-won’t-he Batman chatter, Ben Affleck has come out in an interview this week and said he does want to direct another Batman movie. But maybe not star in one. I don’t even know, folks. I feel like Affleck and DC need to take a long hard look at their relationship, consider all their options, be honest with each other, for a change.

And then kill it. All. With fire, if need be. 

More pleasing whisperings are coming from the Marvel corner (as usual), with Jeremy Renner hinting that he would absolutely be down for a standalone Hawkeye movie. His main stipulation, it seems, is that he’d like to do it sooner rather than later, so as not be wearing Hawkeye’s somewhat-famous leather tights in his fifties. He’s currently 46, so make of this news what you will. 

Trailer time! This week’s Trailer of the Week is an easy win for Ocean’s 8, which is due to hit cinemas in June next year and looks like a delightfully fun heist film with a hideously talented cast. 2018 might be a bleak, bleak year, but — at least based on the trailers — at least we might get some good movies out of it.

And one of them may or may not be Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. Yes, that’s right. Just when you thought your promo calendar was delightfully (or frightfully) clear of Star Wars content, a reminder that the next cab off the Star Wars rank is only five months away. And no, there are no trailers or posters or official marketing materials just yet, but the chatter has begun in earnest. This week we got the revelation that the reshoots under Howard were much more extensive than previously thought, which… could be a good thing or a bad thing. Even the sceptics have to be pleased that, at least thus far, nobody’s had to have a moustache digitally removed, right? 

Our final glimpse into 2018 this week comes in the form of new images from the upcoming Tomb Raider adaptation, which is due out in March 2018. It both feels like this one has been coming for a long time and flying very far under the radar, so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s late-stage marketing is like. Oh, and the movie itself, I guess! 

…And with that, I’m out of here like Santa after he’s unloaded his sleigh and wolfed down those choc-chip cookies. Merry Chrimbo, Folks! 

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