Grimes' boyfriend's plan to rate press reliability isn't off to a great start

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Elon’s first pick is a website that’s affiliated with a suspected sex cult.

Just three days after suggesting non-journalists should have a site ranking the press for credibility, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk provided a very timely reminder that most people just aren’t qualified to do so.

In a since-deleted tweet, Musk highlighted a piece of journalism that he regarded as “excellent”. Entirely coincidently, it was a piece largely supporting his position on journalism entitled “Elon Musk plans a media credibility site. The media’s response may support his argument.” Just to put the cherry on the cake, Musk added a link to the critical thinking page on Wikipedia.

There was just one problem. As highlighted by Slate, there’s a reason you may be unfamiliar with The Knife Media website linked to by Musk: it’s a rebranded version of The Knife of Aristotle. Again, the name might not ring a bell, but suffice it to say it was subject to a memorable investigation by Paste last year which summed it up with the following headline: “The Knife of Aristotle isn’t just a fake ‘fake news’ site – it’s a cult.” As the article explains, it has ties to NXIVM: a suspected sex cult.

You would imagine that this accidental endorsement might make Musk reconsider the merits of his plan to judge journalists, but apparently not. For someone who wants to see journalists held accountable, he didn’t accept much responsibility for his misstep:

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